How to setup Google Nest WIFi – part 14 – A review of Advanced Network Settings

In this video we are going to review the advanced network features found in Google Nest WiFi. While a Google Nest WiFi router mostly has the same features as other WiFi routers. As the advanced settings on a Google Nest router have been simplified. You will not have the same levels of control as seen in some other makes of router.

Note: As Google Nest WiFi has been designed for home users with limited technical knowledge. Many of the advanced features found in other brands of router will be missing. So for example you will not be able to change the signal strength that your wireless network uses. Instead this will be automatically adjusted for you by the router.

The advanced network settings found in a Google Nest Wifi router will be discussed at the following points:

Priority Device – 0:32 Family WiFi – 1:30 Guest network – 1:58 Privacy settings – 2:12 Gaming preferred – 2:45 WPA 3 – 3:07 DNS settings – 3:28 WAN connection – 3:38 LAN settings – 4:52 UPnP – 5:24 IPv6 – 6:13 DHCP IP reservations – 7:05 Port management – 7:32 Device Mode – 8:20

Note: While we have only reviewed the advanced settings built into Google Nest Wifi router. In future videos we will be looking at these settings in more depth.

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