How to setup Google Nest WIFi – part 14 – A review of Advanced Network Settings

In this video we are going to review the advanced network features found in Google Nest WiFi. While a Google Nest WiFi router mostly has the same features as other WiFi routers. As the advanced settings on a Google Nest router have been simplified. You will not have the same levels of control as seen in some other makes of router.

The advanced network settings found in a Google Nest Wifi router will be discussed at the following points:

Priority Device – 0:32 Family WiFi – 1:30 Guest network – 1:58 Privacy settings – 2:12 Gaming preferred – 2:45 WPA 3 – 3:07 DNS settings – 3:28 WAN connection – 3:38 LAN settings – 4:52 UPnP – 5:24 IPv6 – 6:13 DHCP IP reservations – 7:05 Port management – 7:32 Device Mode – 8:20

Note: While we have only reviewed the advanced settings built into Google Nest Wifi router. In future videos we will be looking at these settings in more depth.

Reference materials: