How to setup Google Nest Wifi – part 1 – Unboxing and Familiarisation

As this is the first video in our series regarding how to setup a Google Nest Wifi mesh network. In this video we simply unbox our mesh network and familiarise ourselves with the ports and switches on each of the units in the box.

Please note that in order to create a wireless network, you will need the Google Nest Wifi router. However, in order to create a mesh network and extend the range of your wireless network, you will also need a Google Nest Wifi point. While in theory a WiFi point that is 802.11s compatible should work with our Google Nest Wifi router. As we had not been able to test or confirmed that this will work we decided to purchase the router and point kit.

Product Specifications

Brand/ModelGoogle Nest WiFi – Router
Part NumberGA00822-GB
DimensionsHeight: 90.4mm; Diameter: 110 mm
Power Supply15W power adaptor
WiFiExpandable 802.11s mesh WiFi
Brand/ModelGoogle Nest WiFi – Point
Part NumberGA00667-GB
DimensionsHeight: 87.2mm; Diameter: 102.2mm
Power Supply15W power adapter
WiFiExpandable 802.11s mesh WiFi
Speaker & microphones360-degree sound with 40 mm driver

Note: The Nest Wifi router and points are also compatible with the previous generation of Google Wi-Fi devices.

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