How to setup and use Extended Storage on a Sony PlayStation 5

In this video, we take a look at how you configure and use Extended Storage on an PlayStation 5 games console. However, as you will also need to purchase an external USB hard drive in order to use Extended Storage.

Note: Sony make a number of caveats regarding which USB hard drives will and will not work with Extended Storage. It is for this reason that we recommend that you use a Samsung T5 1TB USB 3.1 External SSD –

Quick reference notes:

  • Switch on your PlayStation 5.
  • Connect your external USB nard drive to your games console.
  • From the PS5 Home Screen
  • Locate and select Settings – System – Storage
  • Within Storage select Extended Storage
  • You should see your USB external hard drive listed. Choose Format as Extended Storage.
  • Once your hard drive has been formatted, choose Console Storage.

Note: You can transfer both PS4 and PS5 games to your extended storage. However, only PS4 games will play from extended storage. So in order to play a PS5 game, will need to transfer that game back to your PS5 internal storage.

  • In Console Storage select Games and Apps – Items You Can Move
  • Check the games that you wish to move to your external USB hard drive.
  • Select the Move button

Note: While your games are being moved from the storage on your PS5 to your USB hard drive, you must not switch off your PS5 console.

  • With your PS4 games transferred to Extended Storage, you can can now play those games from Extended Storage.

Reference materials:

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