How to setup a Synology NAS Part 9: Creating Network Folder Shares

In this series of video’s we take a look at how you perform the basic setup and configuration of a Synology, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The aim of this series of videos is to try and offer a reference point to assist you in the setup of your own NAS.

We start this video by giving you a few suggestion’s for the types of network shares that you would typically create within a home network. We then take a look at the process for creating folder shares on a Synology NAS.


Products used in the creation of this video: Elgato HD60 – ; Go Pro Hero 5 – ; 64Gb microSDXC memory card – ; Asus Chromebook – ; Apple iMac – ; Blue Yeti Microphone – ; Microphone Pop Filter – ; Neewer LED Studio Light Kit – ; RPGT Continuous Dual Lighting Kit – ; Mini Sun LightPad –

Products from used in the video

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