How to setup a Synology NAS Part 5: Review and Enabling File Services

In this series of video’s we take a look at how you perform the basic setup and configuration of a Synology, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. This series of videos was created to try and offer a reference point to assist you in the setup of your own NAS.

For this video we review the settings in File Services and make decisions on which file sharing protocols to enable or disable.

Note: As home users we will only be using Server Message Block or SMB. This is because SMB us compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. Apple File Protocol or AFP is currently in the process of being deprecated by Apple. So while macOS can still use AFP, SMB has become the default File Service. In other words, if you enable AFP and SMB on your NAS, when macOS connects to a network share it will try and connect using SMB and not AFP.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into your NAS using your Administrators credentials 
  • Select Control PanelFile Services
  • Choose the chevron next to SMB to expand the options
  • From within the SMB, AFP, NFS panel choose, Advanced Settings
  • In the Maximum SMB protocol field choose SMB3
  • Next to Minimum SMB protocol choose SMB2

Note: In the video we used SMB1 and SMB2, however this is now considered bad practise as SMB1 is no longer secure. If you find that you have a device that will not connect to your network shares using SMB 2 and 3, we recommend that you replace that device, rather than using SMB1.

  • Choose Apply to save your settings


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