How to setup a Synology NAS Part 4: How to assigning a static IP address to your NAS

In this series of video’s we take a look at how you perform the basic setup and configuration of a Synology, Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. This series of videos was created to try and offer a reference point to assist you in the setup of your own NAS.

For this video we try to explain why you should use a static IP address rather than a dynamic IP address. We then show you how to adjust the DHCP address pool on a Synology RT1900ac Router. This will allow you to incorporate static IP addresses into your home network.

Finally, we look at the Network settings that need to be adjusted on a Synology NAS so that the NAS can use a static IP address. 

Note: When we refer to a Static IP address we are referring to a local IP address and not a public IP address. To have a static public IP address you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However please note that may consumer ISP’s do not offer static IP addresses as a service.  From more information on static public IP addresses please see How to setup a Synology NAS Part 34: configuring a NAS for External Access


Quick reference notes:

  • Log into your router using your Administrators credentials 

Note: In order to complete this procedure you will need administrators rights over your router.  This is so that you can change your DHCP settings. However, please note that there are still a number of ISP’s who will not allow you to change settings on your router. 

  • Load your routers DHCP settings and review the IP address its using for its DHCP pool.
  • If need make adjustments to your DHCP pool

Note: As your router will probably be different to ours you may need to refer to the router manual to find out how to change your DHCP settings. There are a few models of router that will by default, already be set to have their DHCP settings like those shown in the video. Such models include Google Nest WiFi routers. 

  • Open Disk Station Manager using your Administrators Credentials
  • Choose Control PanelNetwork
  • Select the Network Interface tab
  • Highlight your LAN connection from the list
  • Select the Edit button
  • From within Edit choose the option Use Manual Configuration
  • Change on the IP address, you need to enter the static IP address that you want to assign to your NAS
  • Select OK to save the changes

Note: As you have made a number of changes to DHCP. You may find that you need to reboot other devices around your home, so that they use new IP addresses assigned from your routers DHCP server. 

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