How to setup a Synology NAS (DSM 6) – Part 39: Enable 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification is a way to add an extra layer of protection to any account on a Synology NAS. It does this by requiring a user to log into their NAS using both a user name and password, along with a randomly generated code created by a third party application.

As the Administrators account on our Synology NAS has the highest level of privileges. If we made our NAS accessible from the internet, we now need to add 2-Step Verification to our Administrators account. So in this video we look at how you setup 2-Step Verification on a Synology NAS.

Notes: In order to setup 2-Step Verification you will need the following:

  • A mobile phone or tablet
  • The details for an email account (SMTP, Google or Outlook)
  • An Authentication app

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager (DSM) using your Administrators credentials
  • Select OptionsPersonal
  • Select the Account tab
  • Choose Enable 2-Step Verification
  • When prompted with “The email notification service is not enabled. Please enable and setup the email notification service first.” select Yes
  • You now need to add an email account.

Note: The easier option is to use either a Google or Outlook account. However, if you do not use either of these email services. You will need to select Customise.

  • Once you have added an email account to the Administrators account, select Enable 2-Step Verification
  • The 2 Step Verification Wizard will start
  • When prompted to Confirm your email address, select Next
  • Now using your Authenticator app point the camera at the QR code in the 2-Step Verification Wizard
  • Validate the Authentication App with your NAS, by entering the 6-digit verification code
  • Select Next
  • You will now be shown conformation that 2-step verification has been enabled for your account

Notes: You should now test that you can still log into your NAS using the Authenticator app. Also test that you can access the DSM via an email code by selecting Lost your phone

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