How to setup a Synology NAS Part 31: How to configure Email Notifications

In this video we take a look at how you can setup email notifications on your Synology NAS. This will allow you to receive an email message then a specific event or error occurs on your network attached storage device.

While your NAS can be enabled to send either email, SMS or push notifications. In our example we only look at configuring email notifications. As a home user, this form of notification will not incur a cost, or require the installation of any additional software or service to work.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager (DSM) with administrators privileges
  • Select Control Panel – System – Notification
  • From within Notification choose the Email tab
  • Enable Email Notifications
  • In the Recipients email Address field, enter the email address were the NAS will send an email notification to.
  • From within the Subject Prefix field enter a meaning for label for example “Synology NAS
  • In Service provider choose the email client you wish to use to send our email notifications.

Notes: If you intend to use either a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email account. You will only need the user name and password for that email account. When you select the “Log in to…” button you will be guided through the setup of Notifications via which ever email account you have selected.

Notes: If you experience any issues configuring notifications with either a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account. Try using Custom SMTP Server, to manually configure your Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook account.

  • If you select Custom SMTP Server you will need to do the following.
  • Enter the SMTP Server for the email account you are using.
  • In the SMTP port field enter the port number for the email account you are using.

Notes: The default SMTP port number is usually Port 25 however, you may need to check if your email service uses the same Port number.

  • Authentication required enter the user name and password for the email account you are using.
  • Under Sender name type NAS administrator or Synology NAS Server.
  • From within the Sender email field, either leave blank or type in the email address of your system administrator.
  • Select Apply.

Additional resources required:

  • Your SMTP Username and Password.
  • The SMTP Server Address used by your email account.
  • Its SMTP Port Number.
  • If the SMTP account uses a SSL connection.

Reference materials:

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