How to setup a Synology NAS Part 29: Install and Configure Hyper Backup to create an onsite backup

In this video we take a look at the installation and configuration of a application called Hyper Backup. Hyper Backup is a free utility created by Synology to allow us to create a backup schedule for both onsite and offsite backups.

As we will be making an onsite backup to an external USB hard drive. We will be using a feature built into Hyper Backup called Data Rotation. Data Rotation will automatically delete any older or unnecessary versions of the data that our backups have make. This in turn should help to free up the storage space on our external USB hard drive.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into DSM with administrators privileges
  • Open Package Center and install Hyper Backup
  • Connect External USB Hard Drive to NAS
  • Run Hyper Backup
  • From within Backup Wizard choose “Local Folder & USB

Notes: Within the backup wizard there is an option called “Local Folder & USB (Single-version). This option will allow you to make backups, but the backups do not use data rotation. Instead each scheduled backup will create an individual backup files for that specific backup task.

  • In Backup Destination Settings set Shared Folder to “usbshare1‘ and give Directory a meaning full name
  • In Data Backup select the shared folders to be backed up
  • In Application Backup select the applications to be backed up
  • In Backup Settings adjust settings as required
  • In Rotation Settings, enable backup rotation and select “From the earliest versions”
  • Run an initial backup

Additional resources required:

  • WD Elements – Basic Storage – external USB hard drive – Amazon link

Reference materials:

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