How to setup a Synology NAS Part 12: Connecting to a Shared Folder via MacOS

In this video we look at two different methods that we can use to connect an Apple Macintosh computer (running macOS) to a network share we created on our Synology NAS.

As part of the setup process of a Synology NAS, we need to check that we have correctly set the folder permissions for our folder shares. This will ensure that our users do not have access to shared folders that we don’t want them to have access to.

Quick reference notes:

  • On the macOS desktop, locate the Finder menu
  • From within the Finder Menu choose FinderGoConnect to Server
  • A “Connect to Server” dialog window will open
  • In the Server Address type smb://[the ip address of your NAS]
  • Select Connect
  • You will prompted to enter some user credentials.
  • Choose Registered User
  • Now in the Name field enter a user name
  • In the Password field enter the users password

Note: The option “Remeber this password in my keychain”, will save the user credentials that you have entered locally to your computer. This is so that you no longer need to enter these credentials when you next try and access the network shares on your NAS. However, if you are using your administrators credentials, do not tick this option. This is because you will elevate your computers network share access permssions to that of your adminstrators. Also as you will be storing your adminstrators credentials to your local computer. If someone was to hack your computer. they would have an easy way to get the administrators credentials for your NAS.

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