How to setup a Synology NAS Part 11: Assign Group Folder Permissions to User Accounts

In this video we bring together the elements of permissions, user accounts, folder shares and Groups to finally make the network shares on our NAS accessible.

As we are using groups to assign user permissions to user accounts rather than assigning permissions on an individual basis. We have create a number of temporary accounts that simulate a typical family setup.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager using your Administrators credentials
  • From the desktop of DSM select Control PanelUser
  • In the User panel select the Edit button so that you can make changes to a users account.
  • From within the User panel, select the User Groups tab
  • You will find listed the Groups that you have already created. Use the checkbox to the left of each Group to assign access permission to your user.

Note: Working with group permissions rather than individually assigning permissions is seen as a more efficient way of working. By using groups not only will you reduce the chance that you incorrectly assign the wrong permissions to a user. Working with groups should be faster to implement. However, on a home network with only one or two users, there is nothing stopping you from by passing Groups and just manually assigning folder permissions individually to each of your users accounts.

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