How to set up a WiFi Hotspot on your Google Android handset

In this video we take a look at how you can use the data plan on an Google Android handset to connect other devices to the internet. In order to do this we will create a WiFi hotspot. This hotspot will allow, between 3 and 5 devices to use the data plan of your Android mobile phone.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open Settings – Network and Internet – Tethering and portable Hotspot
  • Within Tethering and portable Hotspot, you will find an option called Set up WiFi Hotspot
  • By editing the Network name field. You can change the name of the WiFi hotspot that will be created for you handset.
  • In the Security field, you can choose to either assign a password to the WiFi hotspot you will create, or choose to have no password.

Notes: When changing the WiFi Password, make sure that you use a password that has more than 8 characters, has both upper and lower case letters, uses numbers and if possible uses non-letter characters.

  • Select Save
  • Connect a second device to the WiFi hotspot that you mobile phone has now created.

Notes: In order to preserve battery power on your mobile phone, make sure you disable your WiFi hotspot when you no longer need it.

Reference materials:

  • How to Personal Hotspot on your Google Android handset – Google Article

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