How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad

In this video we take a look at how you can use the data plan on an iPhone or iPad to connect other devices to the internet. In order to do this we will create a WiFi hotspot. This hotspot will allow, between 3 and 5 devices to use the data plan of your iPhone or iPad..

Quick reference notes:

  • Open Settings – Mobile Data – Personal Hotspot
  • In the Wi-Fi Password field the password need to connect to the hotspot is displayed
  • If needed you can change the WiFi Password by selecting it.

Notes: When changing the WiFi Password, make sure that you use a password that has more than 8 characters, has both upper and lower case letters, uses numbers and if possible uses non-letter characters.

  • Enable the Personal Hotspot switch
  • Connect a second device to the wireless hotspot that has been created by you iPhone or iPad

Notes: The name of your wireless hotspot is determined by the name of your iPad or iPhone. The hotspot name will more than likely be your first name followed by the name of your device. For example “mydoodads iPhone”

Reference materials:

  • How to Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad – Apple Article

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