How to set a lock message in the login window to your Apple Macintosh computer (macOS).

If we ever were to lose our Apple Macintosh computer, because we have set a lock message, a member of the public will be more easily able to return our computer to us. So in this video, we take a look at how you set a lock message in the login screen for a computer running macOS.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into the user account you want to add a lock message.
  • Open System Preferences – Security & Privacy.
  • Unlock the Security & Privacy panel.
  • Under the General tab, tick the option called Show a message when the screen is locked
  • Select the Set Lock Message…

Notes: The example text we used for our lock message is as follows: “This MacBook Pro belongs to [First Name Last Name]. If found please hand this computer in at the nearest Police Station and then telephone +44 1234 567890, email: Thank you.”

  • To set your text message select OK
  • Now log out of your computer to see if how your lock message looks

Notes: You can use an Emoji with your lock message. To do this simply select the Control, Command and the Space keys on your keyboard to display the Emoji selector panel.

Reference Material:

Apple Support page – How to set a lock message on the login window for your Mac

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