How to set a custom image within a macOS User Profile

In this quick tip video, we demonstrate how you set a custom profile image with your user account in macOS. Not only will this tip make identifying specific user accounts easier, it will also allow you to add a neat touch that gives your computer more personality.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the macOS Desktop locate and choose System Preferences.
  • Within System Preferences select Users and Groups.
  • Unlock the Users and Groups panel.
  • Select you user account.
  • You will see the current profile image in the main panel.
  • Type a different name for your device

Notes: When creating a custom profile image, you need to ensure that the image you use is 600 by 600 pixels. We also recommend that you save your image as a .PNG file, as this will allow you to set a transparent background.

  • Simply drag and drop your new profile image over the existing image in your user account.
  • If needed you can resize the image.
  • Log out of your account to see how your image looks.

Reference materials:

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