How to return a Apple HomePod mini back to its factory defaults

In this video, we take a look at how you perform a factory reset on an Apple HomePod mini. As performing a factory reset will remove all user account details and any data from the device. You would typically perform this action if you intend to sell, give away, decommission or return your HomePod mini for repair.

Note: The same technique can also be applied when factory resetting an Apple HomePod.

Quick reference notes:

  • Power down the HomePod mini and wait 10 seconds before powering it back up
  • As the HomePod mini powers up, wait another 10 seconds and then press and hold your finger on the touch screen of the HomePod mini.
  • When you hear the following message “Your HomePod is about to reset, keep pressing until you hear three beeps” you can release your finger.

Note: The HomePod mini will take roughly 1 minute to reset. Do not remove the power from the device while it is reseting. You will know that it has reset when you hear a chime.

  • You can now remove the power from the device.

Note: After performing this type of factory reset, a remnant of the HomePod mini will remain on the Home Screen of the Apple Home app. So you will also need to manually remove this remnant from the Home app.

  • Open the Apple Home app
  • On the Home Screen locate the remnant of your HomePod mini.
  • Using your finger press and hold the HomePod mini icon to display its Settings panel
  • Select Settings which is at the bottom of the panel
  • No scroll to the bottom of the Settings panel
  • Select Remove Accessory

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