How to restore the default settings on a PlayStation 5 using Safe Mode

As Safe Mode on a PlayStation 5 will only load its most basic functions. We can use Safe Mode to troubleshoot and fix certain issues that a PS5 console might experience. So in this video we demonstrate how from within Safe Mode, you can return the Settings on a PS5 back to their default values.

The Settings that will be returned to their default values include; Language, Setup of internet connection, adjusting the display area and the consoles power options. Things that will not be effected include games, game saves and user profiles.

Notes: We recommend that when trying to pair your controller to your PS5, the battery in your controller still has some charge. So if the battery has been completely depleted, leave the controller plugged into your PS5 for five minutes before attempting to pair.

Quick reference notes:

  • Power down your PlayStation 5 console
  • Now press and hold down the Power button on your PS5 for 6 seconds

Notes: Your PS5 will take some time to power down. While your console powers down, the indicator light on your PS5 will pulse. You will know that your console has powered down when its status light goes out.

  • Once your PS5 has powered down, connect your controller to your PS5 using a USB type C cable

Notes: As you will need to connect your controller to your PS5 via a USB type C cable. Please note that not all USB type C cables are equal. So while some are able to transfer data and charge, other cables will only be able to charge a device. As its very difficult to tell if a USB type C cable can charge and transfer data, we recommend that once you find a cable that works with your PS5 and your controller, you always use that cable.

  • Press the PS button to pair the controller to your console.
  • The seven option of Safe Mode will now be displayed.
  • Select Video Output.

Notes: There are two options within Video Output, Change Resolution and Change HDCP mode. Change Resolution basically forces your console to output only to a specific resolution, while DHCP mode either enables or disables the ability for you to record media content being played from your PS5.

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