How to reset the Bluetooth module in macOS

Like many wireless devices, Bluetooth runs on the 2.4GHz wireless channel. So in places where there are a lot of wireless signals, you might find that your wireless keyboard or mouse, experience problems staying connected to your Apple Macintosh computer.

While this use to be an easy problem too correct. In macOS Monterey, Apple have removed the ability to reset the bluetooth module from the menu bar. So in this video, we demonstrate how we use a terminal command to restart the the bluetooth module in our computer.

Note: If you are having problems with connecting bluetooth devices. By simply rebooting your computer, you can establish a better bluetooth connection. However we have found that it is better to reset the Bluetooth module from within the Terminal, as macOS seems better able at finding a clear bluetooth channel to use.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the macOS desktop we first need to open a Terminal window
  • As we have no mouse control, we are going to use Spotlight Search to open a Terminal window
  • By holding down Command and then pressing the Space bar on our keyboard. A Spotlight search will open
  • Now type Terminal and press enter on the keyboard

Note: We will need administrators rights in order to reset the Bluetooth module in our computer. This is unless you use macOS with elevated administrative privileges.

  • Type the following to give yourself administrative rights
su [administrator account name]
  • You will the administrators password
  • Now to reset the bluetooth module type:
sudo pkill bluetoothd
  • You will once again be asked for the administrators password.
  • After pressing enter on the keyboard, macOS will reset the bluetooth module in your computer and your bluetooth device should reconnect.

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