How to Reset an Apple TV (4th Gen) back to factory defaults


In this video we look at the “Reset All Settings” option on a 4th generation Apple TV. “Reset All Settings” will reset an Apple TV back to factory defaults removing any accounts, applications and system configurations on your Apple TV.

Please note that Apple updated the Reset screen so instead of the options “Reset All Settings” and “Restore” you will now be presented with the options to “Restore” and “Reset and Update“. The renamed options still function in exactly the same way but now make a little more sense.

A Restore will simply set the Apple TV back to factory defaults. While “Reset and Update” will reset the Apple TV but also update the device to the latest version of the operating system. We would recommend using Reset and Update if you plan to sell or give away your Apple TV.

Reset and Update takes longer to complete as the latest version of the operating system has to be downloaded from the internet and installed to the Apple TV before it restarts. If during the reset process your Apple TV becomes completely unresponsive or fails to restart, you can force a restore via iTunes.

How to fix a bricked Apple TV

  • Download or install the latest version of iTunes
  • Connect the 4th generation Apple TV to your computer via a USB-C to USB Cable.
  • Power up the Apple TV
  • Open iTunes.
  • Select the Apple TV from the Devices menu, and then click Restore Apple TV.


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