How to reinstall Chrome OS from bootable recovery media

In this video we take a look at how you reinstall ChromeOS onto a Google Chromebook. However, in order to complete this procedure, you will have to have created the bootable recovery media for your model of Chromebook. If you would like more information on how you create the bootable recovery media, please see this video.

Note: Reinstalling Chrome OS, is a good alternative to performing a Powerwash. This is because part of the process when reinstalling ChromeOS, will be to delete all data stored on that Chromebook. However, if you sign into the Chromebook with your Google account, your data should be restored.

Quick reference notes:

  • Power down your Chromebook.
  • Insert the bootable recovery media you created for your Chromebook
  • Now while holding down on the Refresh button, also press and hold down the Power button until your Chormebook boots to the recovery media.
  • The Chromebook will display a screen informing you that it is about to recovery your computer. It will then verify that it can install ChromeOS from the recovery media, before reinstalling the operating system.
  • System recover will take roughly 5 minutes
  • Remove the recover media, to reboot the Chromebook
  • ChromeOS will now load its Start page.

Notes: Please note that the version of the operating system seen in this video is Chrome OS 74. The way that Chrome OS is displayed in this video may have change due to future updates.

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