How to quickly view the file path in macOS Finder

As the directory structure within macOS can be very complicated to navigate, we can enable a function on our computer that allows us to easily see where a file or folder is located. So in this video we are going to demonstrate how on an Apple Macintosh computer, you can get Finder to quickly display the file path.

However if you would prefer to have Finder permanently display the file path, at the end of this video we will also demonstrate which settings to enable.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open Finder
  • Now navigate to a file or folder on your computer
  • Highlight that file
  • Press and hold down the Option key on your keyboard. The file path will be revealing within Finder.

Permanently display the file path in Finder

  • Open Finder
  • From the Finder Menu select View – Show Path Bar
  • Finder will now always display the File Path

Reference materials:

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