How to show hidden files in macOS

Like most operating systems, macOS hides certain files and folders which if moved, changed or deleted might prevent a computer from working properly. However there are certain instances while troubleshooting, that you might be required to access these hidden files. So in this video we show you the quickest method to show or hide hidden files and folders in macOS.

Quick reference notes:

Note: In our experience, there are very few instances where we have needed to access hidden files or folders in macOS. So while it is nice to know how to see all hidden files and folders. When troubleshooting, we have only really needed to access a hidden folder called Library. So the following is an alternative method for accessing just the Library folder.

  • On the macOS desktop in the Finder menu select Go – Go to Folder
  • Type the Tilde ~ symbol [Option key + N]
  • Now enter the following:
  • When you press enter on your keyboard, the hidden Library folder will be displayed

Note: If you experience issues with your computer, but do not fancy having to scroll though hidden files and folders, it might be worth clearing macOS cache first. While there are a number of ways to do this the simplest is to place your computer into Safe Mode.

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