How to physically secure your Synology NAS

While Kensington cable locks were originally developed to secure laptops. This form of lock is also a simple and cheap way to physically secure your Synology NAS. So in this video we take a look at how you can use the Kensington slot on the back of a Synology NAS to secure your NAS to a specific location.

As a Kensington lock is only a very simple security system, designed to deter a theft of opportunity. If physical security is a major concern, you would be better advised to also lock your NAS away in a secure location.

Note: While Kensington where the original creators of these computer cable locks. Other cables also exist which are just as good. You will also find that there are numerous locking mechanisms, however we recommend buying a lock and key system over a combo lock system. The reason for this is that if you lose the key, you can order a replacement key from the manufacture, as long as you have registered your lock.

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