How to permanently set Windows 11 to Battery Saver mode

Battery Saver mode is a function in Windows 11 designed to conserve the battery life of your laptop. It does this by automatically reducing screen brightness, turning off background app and services, and limiting the performance of the CPU.

While Battery Saver will by default, automatically enable itself when a laptop battery reaches 20 percent of its charge. We noticed that it was not adversely effecting the performance of our laptop. So it made sense to permanently have Battery Saver enable, and extend our laptops battery charge.

Note: Battery Saver mode is great when using Windows for low intensity work like document writing and checking emails.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the Windows Desktop load Settings  
  • Within System locate choose Power & Battery
  • In the Power & Battery panel scroll down through the options and select Battery Saver
  • Next to the option “Turn battery saver on automatically at” change the drop down menu from 20 Percent to Always
  • Close the Settings window.

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