How to pair a Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to an Apple iPad

In this video we take a look at how you can wirelessly pair your PlayStation DualSense controller to an Apple iPad. We will do this by place our controller into pair mode and then using bluetooth, connect the controller to our iPad.

Note: The same process used to connect a PlayStation DualSense controller to an Apple iPad, will also work with an Apple iPhone.

Quick reference notes:

  • First power down your PlayStation 5 by holding down the power button until you hear your console beep for a second time.
  • Next locate the Create and PS buttons on your controller
  • Now hold down the Create and PS buttons for roughly 5 seconds, or until the status lights on the controller start to flash blue.
  • With your controller now in Pair Mode you can try to wirelessly connect your controller to your Apple iPad.

Note: When you place your controller into Pair Mode, it will no longer be connected to your PS5.

  • From your iPad select SettingsBluetooth
  • Under Other Device you will see listed, DualSense Wireless Controller.
  • When you select DualSense Wireless Controller, the controller will pair with your iPad.

Note: While controller support is at the discretion of the games developer. Every new game in Apple Arcade should include official controller support.

Reference materials:

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