How to pair a Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to a Windows computer

In this video we take a look at how you can wirelessly pair your PlayStation DualSense controller to a Windows computer. We then take a look at how you pair the DualSense controller from Windows back to your PlayStation 5.

Note: While the video footage in this video was captured for Windows 11, the same basic principles apply if you wish to connect a DualSense controller to Windows 10.

Quick reference notes:

  • First power down your PlayStation 5 by holding down the power button until you hear your console beep for a second time. 
  • Next locate the Create and PS buttons on your controller
  • Now hold down the Create and PS buttons for roughly 5 seconds, or until the status lights on the controller start to flash blue. 
  • With your controller now in Pair Mode you can try to wirelessly connect your controller to Windows.

Note: When you place your controller into Pair Mode, it will no longer be connected to your PS5. 

  • From the Windows Desktop select the Windows buttonSettings – Bluetooth and Devices
  • Now in the Bluetooth and Devices panel select Add device
  • When prompted to choose the kind of device that we want to add, choose Bluetooth
  • Under Add a Device you will see listed, Wireless Controller
  • By selecting Wireless Controller, the controller will pair with Windows.

Note: While controller support is at the discretion of the games developer. You should find that most Windows games support the use of a controller. 

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