How to multitask on an iPad running iPadOS 15

Multitasking and Split View on an Apple iPad has never been all that intuitive. However, with the introduction of iPadOS 15, Apple has made both Split View and Multitasking a little easier to use. So in this video we look at how you initiate and use Center Window, Split View and Slide Over on your iPad.

Notes: Unlike iPadOS 13 and 14, iPadOS15 no longer allows you to disable multitasking. So the Options button will appear at the top on any app that is able to multitask. The reason we highlight this point is that the position of the Options button can be annoying, especially when trying to close a tab in a web browser.

Types of multitasking

Centre Window: This is the default position that all applications will open in. The main aim of Centre Windows is to focus only on one app.

Split View: This option will allow you to position two applications side by side so that you can multitask. You can also adjust the size of the apps so that one app fills more of your screen than the other.

Slide Over: As the name suggests, this option will float one app on top of another. You might find this useful when monitoring data in a secondary app, as your primary app will remain in Centre Windows view. You might also find it useful to hide the floating app, by swiping it to the right of your screen.

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