How to improve the quality of a voice call on an Apple iPhone

In this video we demonstrate how you enable a hidden setting in iOS, to improve the voice call quality on an iPhone. As iPhone calls are generally compressed to reduce the amount of data needed for the call, this compression can also reduce the audio quality of that call. So you can use Voice isolation to isolate your voice and reduce background noise which in turn will help to improve the quality of your audio calls. 

Notes: This feature is available in iOS 16.4 or later, but may not be suitable for all situations. As Voice Isolation uses an algorithm to reduce background noise. It will not help to eliminate persistent or particularly loud background sounds. 

Quick reference notes:

  • To improve voice call quality from calls made on your iPhone. First make a call.
  • During the call access Control Center
  • You will find an icon called Mic Mode which is set to Standard
  • When you select Mic Mode you will be presented with three options
  • Select Voice Isolation and continue with your call

Notes: Once enabled, Voice Isolation will be enabled for all calls. So if you need to disable it, you will need to return Mic Mode to Standard

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