How to get touch controls to work consistently on Apple AirPod Pro’s

While Apple state that you can control the AirPos Pro through the Force Sensor on the stalk of each earbud. We found that the touch sensor (Force Sensor) would not activate the way we thought it should. So instead of requiring a tap it really requires a pinch. So in this short video we show you what we mean.

Notes: Apple call the flattened area on the stalk of each AirPod the Force Sensor.

AirPod Pro controls:

  • Play and Pause audio: Pinch the Force Sensor once to pause or resume playback.
  • Play the next track: Double pinch the Force Sensor
  • Play the previous track: Triple pinch the Force Sensor
  • Answer a call: pinch the Force Sensor
  • Switch between Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode: Pinch and hold the Force Sensor
  • Activate Siri: Pinch and hold the Force Sensor

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