How to factory reset a Synology RM2200ac router via Synology’s Router Manager

In this video we take a look at how you factory reset a Synology RM2200ac wireless router from within the Synology Router Manager (SRM).

Please note that after performing a factory reset. The router will delete all settings and apps, to return the router to the same state it was when it left the factory. After performing a factory reset you will need to reconfigure your router in order to restore an internet connection and WiFI.

Notes: The version of SRM seen in this video is Version: 1.2.2-7915. Please note that subsequent versions of the SRM, may change the user interface or location of the Factory reset function. 

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into SRM with administrators privileges
  • From the SRM desktop select Control Panel
  • Using the sidebar in Control Panel, select System
  • Under Configuration Backup and Restore chose Restore factory default settings
  • You will now be prompted to confirm that you wish to factory reset the RT2600ac
  • When you select Erase All Data your RT2200 will be return to its factory defaults

Notes: After factory resetting the RT2200ac, the SSID will also reset. If you need to reconnect to the RT2200ac via a WiFi. The name of the routers wireless access point will start with “Synology_[part of its serial number]”. If prompted for a password when connecting to the SSID, you will need to enter the word “synology“. 

To reconnect to the SRM if you type either or you will be shown the setup wizard.

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