How to factory reset a 2nd Gen (2019) Google Nest Mini

In this video we look at how to de-register and then factory reset a 2nd Gen (2019) Google Nest Mini. When you complete this process the Google Nest Mini will be automatically removed from your Google account and the accompanying Google Home App. This procedure will also delete all data and any configuration settings on the device.

Quick reference notes:

  • Locate and switch off the mic on the Google Nest Mini.
  • Press and hold down the centre of the Nest Mini for around 15 seconds.
  • You will first hear a message confirming that you wish to factory reset. If you keep your finger held down on the Nest Mini eventually you will hear a Chime.
  • You can now release your finger.
  • The Google Nest Mini will factory reset.

Notes: If you factory reset your Google Nest Mini when it is not connected to the internet, the device will not de-register itself from Google account it is registered to. So if you registered your Nest Mini using someone else’s Google account. In order to configure that Nest Mini to your Google account you will need to do the following from within their instance of Google Home.

  • Open Google Home
  • Locate and Select your Google Nest Mini
  • When the Google Nest Mini panel opens, select the Settings icon
  • Within the Device settings panel scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose Remove deviceremove from home, unlink“. Once they have done this, you can then setup your Nest Mini, using your Google account and the Google Home app.

Reference Material

Google Support Article – Factory reset Google Home speakers and displays

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