How to enable low power mode in macOS

If you would like to extend how long you can use an Apple MacBook before its battery needs to be charged. It is worth taking a look at enabling something called low power mode. For example we found that by using low power mode on a MacBook Pro, that computer will run for days on a single charge.

Note: We were able to run a MacBook Pro on a single charge for three days performing what we consider to be light tasks. For example browsing the internet, watching YouTube, writing scripts, and responding to emails. We also found that while you can use low power mode on both Intel and Apple Silicon. Battery life was longer with Apple Silicon than Intel hardware.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the macOS desktop select System Preferences
  • Now from within System Preferences locate and select Battery
  • Within the Battery pane, select Battery from the sidebar

Note: As the Battery settings will be locked, you will need to unlock the Battery panel using your administrators credentials.

  • Select Low power mode
  • From the sidebar, now choose Power Adapter
  • Also enable Low power mode

Note: As Low power mode will remain enabled, you might find that you need to manually turn it off when trying to complete tasks that require a lot of processing power. For example video or photo editing.

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