How to enable and use Text to Speech in Chrome OS

Having your computer read back a piece of text is a very useful function to enable. Not only will Text to Speech help you with punctuation and sentence construction, you might find that it is useful to use when you are writing about complex concepts or ideas.

So in this video we demonstrate how you can enable Text to Speech on a Chromebook. We then take a look at how you activate Text to Speech so that it can read back text.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the Chrome OS desktop
  • Open Settings – Advanced – Accessibility
  • From within Accessibility select Manage Accessibility Features
  • Under Text-to-Speech enable the option Enable Select to Speak

Notes: Please note that Chrome OS offers a number of different voices, and settings that will allow you to change how those voices sound. For more information please watch the video.

How to Activate Text-to-Speech

  • Highlight a piece of text
  • Press the Search and S keys on your keyboard

How to stop Text-to-Speech

  • Press either the Search or Ctrl buttons on your keyboard

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