How to enable and use Dictation in macOS

If you are not a typist you might prefer to dictate to your Mac instead. So in this video we show you how to enable dictation and which trigger words worked for us.

Note: While Intel based Macs seem to require an internet connection in order for dictation to work. It would appear that a Mac using silicon hardware does not.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open System Preferences – Keyboard – Dictation
  • Locate and enable the Dictation option
  • Set the Language that the dictation software will attempt to understand
  • In Shortcut choose a key that will activate Dictation – we used the FN key

Note: We found that not all of the keywords Apple say work with Dictation actually work. We also found that you can’t dictate the deletion of words, sentences or paragraphs. So you will have to use the keyboard when editing your text.

Reference materials:

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