How to download insecure Internet files (PS5 system software update) to Windows 11

In order to make downloading files using Microsoft Edge safer, Microsoft introduced a feature that will prevent certain file types from downloading to your computer. However, as this security feature can also block the download of legitimate file types, in this video we demonstrate how you download insecure files to a Windows computer.

Notes: If you own a PlayStation games console, the PSUPDATE.PUP file is not recognised as a legitimate file by Edge. We suspect that this behaviour is because Microsoft Edge does not recognised the .PUP file extension.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open the website that you wish to download a file from and attempt to download the file.
  • When notified that the file “can’t be downloaded securely“, select the Options button 
  • Now from the dropdown menu choose Keep

Notes: You will be informed that “This file can’t be downloaded securely, Malicious attackers might be able to read or change insecurely downloaded files”. If you do not trust the source of the file, you should not attempt to download the file.

  • Select Keep anyway
  • The file will now download to your computer

Notes: Other web browsers will also behave in the same way. These browser include Firefox, Chrome and Brave.

Reference Material:

Web article – How to stop windows 10 from blocking your downloaded files 

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