How to delegate Administrator controls on a Synology NAS

As it is considered bad practise to give others the Administrators credentials to your NAS. If you need someone to perform specific administrative tasks, you should use Delegate. So in this video we take a look at how you delegate Administrator controls on your Synology NAS.

Note: Each time you use your administrators credentials, you increase the risk that your administrators user name and password will become compromised. So while this risk will be low if you are careful about what devices you use to connect to Disk Station Manager. We suggest that you use Delegate, and recommend that you enable two factor authentication on your administrators account for added security. This is of particularly importantance if your NAS is directly accessible from the internet. As two factor authentication will help to prevent brute force attacks on your administrators password. 

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Disk Station Manager using you Administrators credentials
  • From within the DSM choose Control Panel – User and GroupUsers
  • Select Delegate – Permission Viewer to see if any user accounts have been given delegation rights.

Notes: Permission viewer will allow you to see the permission settings that have been assigned to any user accounts. You will find that there are seven different types of delegation permissions. However on a NAS being used at home, you should consider using the following permission groups: Local user and group management, Shared folder management, System monitoring, System service management and Hyper Back management

  • Highlight the User you want to give Administrators rights to
  • Select Delegate to display a drop down menu
  • Choose Delegated Administration
  • You will find listed under Role Delegation, all the access right options you can give the highlighted user
  • Tick the access permissions options you want the user to have

Note: You can tick more than one option, in order to give a user more extensive access permissions. For more information about what permissions can and can not be assigned, please refer to Synology’s documentation.

  • Select OK
  • When prompted enter the administrators password to your Synology NAS and choose Submit
  • You check Access Permission by using Permission Viewer

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