How to de-register and factory reset your Google Pixel Buds

In this video we demonstrate how you de-register and factory reset a pair of Google Pixel Buds. Typically you would perform this task if you intent to sell or de-commission your Buds.

Notes: While we used a pair of Google Pixel Bud Series earbuds in our video. The same process can be applied to de-register and factory reset Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds. Also if you did not pair your Pixel Buds with your Android phone or tablet. You do not need to de-register and factory reset your earbuds. Instead you simply need to remove the bluetooth pairing from your none Android devices.

Quick reference notes:

  • From your Android phone or tablet open Settings
  • In Settings select Connected devices
  • Under Saved devices tap the cog icon next to your Pixel Buds
  • Choose Forget to remove your earbuds from your Phone and Google account
  • Tap Remove This Device

Note: Depending on how you paired your earbuds to your smartphone or tablet, will dictate if you are able to track your Buds through your Google account. So if you have enabled the tracking function, we recommend that you de-register your Pixel buds from the device you initially configured them with.

  • When prompted to Forget device, select Remove for a second time

Note: While our Pixel Buds have now been de-registered from our Google account. Any secondary bluetooth pairings we have made with other devices will remain active. Also as the de-registration process will not automatically factory reset your Pixel Buds. You will need to manually perform a factory reset to remove any settings, preferences or enabled features your Buds may be using.

  • We your Pixel Buds docked in their charging case, open the lid to the charging case
  • Now locate and press the Pair button for roughly 30 seconds or until the indicator light on the charging case stops flashing white.
  • When the indicator light starts to flash yellow and white we can release the Pair button
  • Your Pixel Buds will have been factory reset when the indicator light starts to flash white, which signifies that they are in pair mode
  • Finally close the lid to the charging case of your Pixel Buds

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