How to de-register and factory reset an Amazon Echo Show 5

In this video we take a look at how you factory reset an Amazon Echo Show 5. The reset sequence shown in this video will also work if you wish to factory reset either the Echo Show or an Echo Spot.

The technique shown in this video can also be used to de-register and factory reset both the Amazon Echo Show and the Echo Spot.

Quick reference notes:

Notes: In order to both de-register and factory reset your Amazon Echo Show 5. You need to make sure that your Echo Show is connected to the internet. This is so that the Echo Show can automatically de-register itself from your Amazon account.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to display the Control Panel.
  • Select Settings
  • Within Settings scroll down through the list and locate Device Options
  • From within Device Options select Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Select Reset to confirm that you wish to perform a Factory reset

Notes: Do not remove the power from the Echo Show while the device is in the process of factory resetting itself. A factory reset will take roughly 5 Minutes to complete. Once a factory reset has been completed you will be show the default setup screen that is used to help you get the device setup and on line

  • You can now remove the power from your Echo Show 5

Reference materials:

Amazon Echo Show 5 Support page – Link

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