How to de-register and factory reset an Amazon Echo Pop

In this video we take a look at how you de-register and factory reset an Amazon Echo Pop. While this procedure will remove the Echo Pop from your Amazon account. It will also remove any settings, applications and data stored on the device. So typically you would deregister and factory reset an Echo Pop, if you intent to give it away, sell or decommission it.

Note: In most instance restarting your Echo Pop should fix any problem it might be having. However, you may also find it useful to perform a factory reset. This is because a factory reset will reinstall the Echo Pop’s firmware, which may help to resolve your problem.

Quick reference notes:

Note: In order to correctly de-register and factory reset an Echo Pop. The device needs to be connected to the internet. This is so that the Pop can be de-registered from your Amazon account. However, if you have purchased a second hand Echo Pop and the previous user has not de-registered it from their account. You will not be able to set it up with your Amazon account.

  • Locate the volume down button and switch the volume to zero.
  • Now locate the microphone off button
  • Press and hold down both the volume down and microphone off buttons for 25 seconds, or until the indicator light turns blue.
  • Wait roughly 2 minutes while the Echo Pop resets.

Note: Performing a factory reset on an Amazon Echo Pop, will take roughly 2 minutes to complete. However, while the Echo Pop is being reset do not remove the power from the device, as that can permanently damage its operating system. The factory reset will be completed when the Echo Pop informs you that it is ready to be setup.

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