How to de-register and factory reset a Google Android handset (2023)

In this video we demonstrate how you register and factory reset a Google Android handset. Typically you would reset your handset if you intend to decommission, sell or give away your phone. However, you can also reset your handset if you would like a clean start with Android.

Notes: We recommend that you backup all your data to your Google Account before you wipe your handset. Also in order to correctly deregister an Android handset, that device needs to be connected to the internet. Finally make sure you know the Google Account username and password being used by the handset.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • Now locate and select System
  • From within System scroll through the options and choose Reset options

Notes: We used a Google Pixel 6a in this video, as its user interface is more generic than other models of handsets. So if your handset is using a custom skin the reset options may be in a different location.

  • Four options are presented, select Erase all data (factory reset)
  • You will now be informed as to what will be erased from the phone

Note: If you decide that you do not wish to wipe your handset, simply return to the Home Screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Now starting at the bottom of the screen swipe halfway up the screen to display your open applications. Locate the Settings card and swipe it closed.

  • Select Erase all data
  • When prompted to erase all data. Choose Erase all data
  • Your handset will know wipe itself and reboot.
  • The reset process will be complete when you see the Android setup screen. You can now either switch off the phone or run through the setup process to reconfigure the handset.

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