How to create the bootable recovery media for your Chromebook

In this video, we demonstrate at how you can create a bootable recovery flash drive for your Google Chromebook or Chrome OS device.

Notes: The recovery disk will allow you to restore your Chrome OS device should the operating system become corrupt. The type of problem you can fix include:

  • ‘An unexpected error has occurred’
  • ‘Please remove all connected device and start recovery’
  • ‘The device that you inserted doesn’t;t contain ChromeOS’
  • ‘The security module on this device isn’t working’

You can also use the recovery media to return a Chromebook back to its factory default state. This could be useful if you want to perform a clean install on your Chromebook before you sell, give away or decommission it.

Quick reference notes:

  • From within a Google Chrome browser install the Chromebook Recovery Utility
  • Now open the Chromebook Recovery Utility and select Get Started
  • We now need to identify the Chromebook we are creating a recovery disk for. If in doubt choose the option “Select a model from a list“.
  • After selecting continue you will be prompted to Insert a USB flash drive or SD card

Note: We recommend that you use a 8GB flash drive or SD card.

  • After selecting Create now our recovery disk is created.


Reference materials:

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