How to add an Eject button to the menu bar of macOS

While CD and DVD drives are no longer part of a modern Apple Macintosh computer. If like us you like to have an external USB Blue-ray drive connected to your computer. You might find having an eject button in the menu bar useful. So in this video we demonstrate how you can add the eject button to macOS.

Note: An alternative method for ejecting a disk from a CD, DVD or Blue-ray drive is to drag the disk icon into the recycle bin. However, we find this method to be counter intuitive.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the menu bar of macOS locate and select Go – Go to Folder
  • Now type:
/System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/
  • After pressing Enter on the keyboard, we are take to a list of menu commands
  • From this list locate and open
  • An Eject icon will appear in the menu bar

Reference materials:

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