How to activate the quick Notes app on an Apple iPad

In this video we are going to take a look, at a little know productivity feature built into iPadOS15 and above. In iPadOS, you can quickly display a small instance of the Notes app, that will sit on top of everything else on your screen. So if you are using your iPad to do research and you need to make a quick note, this tip might be useful.

Note: This tip will work in either portrait or landscape mode.

Quick reference notes:

  • Place your finger on the bezel in the bottom right hand corner of the iPad.
  • Now swipe your finger in a diagonal motion up towards the centre of the screen.
  • A small notes panel will appear.
  • Make your notes.

Notes: Any notes you make in the Notes panel will reappear the next time you use the quick notes function. However, you can clear your notes by using the New Notes icon. Any notes you have made, will be automatically saved into the main Notes app in iOS.

To hide the Quick Notes panel

  • To hide Notes, simply swipe Notes off to the right of the screen.
  • A tab will remain visible where you have swiped Notes too.
  • By selecting the tab, Notes will reappear.

To Close the Quick Notes panel

  • To close the Notes panel, simply select Done.

Reference materials:

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