How to access Recovery Mode on an Apple Macintosh computer (M1 Apple Silicon hardware)

If the operating system to your Apple Macintosh computer becomes corrupted, or you want to install a clean instance of the OS. By using Recovery mode, you can either restore or reinstall macOS onto your computer. So in this video we demonstrate how you place your computer into Recovery Mode, and then discuss the four options that are available to you.

Quick reference notes:

  • To place your Apple Macintosh computer into Recovery mode, first power down your computer.
  • Now with your computer shut down if you press and hold down the power button for roughly 20 seconds or until our display shows you the Start-up Options screen.
  • From within the Start-up Options screen, you now need to select the Options icon, and chose Continue.
  • Your computer will now reboots and place you in Recovery mode.
  • Choose one of the four options in recovery mode. 

Notes: The four options in recover mode, include the ability to restore your computer from a Time Machine backup, Reinstall macOS, browse the internet with Safari so you can research an issue or run Disk Utility.

  • To exit out of Recovery mode simply select the Apple icon in the top left hand corner of the screen and from the menu choose either Shut Down or Restart

Reference Material:

Apple article – Use Apple Diagnostics to test your Mac

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