Happy New Year everyone

Happy new year, and thank you for your continued support both on this website and on YouTube.

This year it is our intention to evolve the mydoodads website. So while we will still be producing “tip” videos and long form “how to” videos. The website will start to include early access content, that can only be viewed if you become a member of the site.

While we would prefer not to have to do this. Due to the way we were demonetised last year by YouTube. We need to have a fall back position, should YouTube demonetise us again in the future. So hopefully by having most of our content freely accessible with adverts, but with specific content only viewable via an early access subscription. Hopefully we can ensure that we can continue to produce content regardless of our status with YouTube.

As to new content that we plan to produce this year, we have a number of topics that we would like to start covering. So in the first part of the year we want to take a look at scripts and batch files for both Windows and macOS. As scripts and batch files are just small pieces of code that when executed will run a series of instructions, they can be very useful. So we have a couple of simple coding projects for you to try.

It is our hope that you can then adapt our code, and use it in your own home network. So we are going to start with the code that we use to mount network shares in both Windows and macOS. Then as we also still have a couple more Terminal commands to review, we will also be looking at creating simple Apple Script applications that we can use to execute an few special terminal commands.

Recently Synology released information about its intentions for 2022 and beyond which you can see here https://event.synology.com/en-uk/annual_event However, the piece of information that most interested us was the announcement that Synology will be releasing a WiFi 6 router in the 1st quarter of 2022.

While this is exciting news, as we loved both the RT1900ac and the RT2600ac models of Synology wireless router. What really peaked our interest was the announcement that this new model of router, will be able to create VLANS for implementation with multiple WiFi access points. Which is a bit of a game changer, as most domestic wireless routers currently don’t offer this level of security.

So it is our intention once we have purchased this new model of router, that we start a new series of videos on how to setup Synology Router Manager (SRM). Then in the latter half of the year, as Disk Station Manager (DSM) becomes a little more mature, we will be returning to our Synology NAS so that we can make a series about DSM 7.

So please look out for new content posted every Friday on both this website, and on our other platforms.

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