Happy Christmas everyone!

Recently, Apple implemented a system in their Safari browser that prevents something called Cross site tracking. As the name suggests, Cross site tracking simply refers to a way data can be collected about you as you visit multiple websites. While we think that blocking Cross Site Tracking is a good thing, Apple’s implementation of cross site blocking seems to also effect websites that use domain name forwarding.

For example this website uses both the www.my-doodads.com and the www.mydoodads.com domain names. So when we use www.mydoodads.com a forward will send us to the www.my-doodads.com website.

That is unless you happened to be using Safari!

So we decided to try and fix the problem. Our intention was to make www.mydoodads.com the primary domain name and start to deprecate www.my-doodads.com. However things did not go as planned with updating the DNS servers on the internet, and our website went down for 10 days, as we waited to see if updates to internet DNS servers were taking effect.

While our website is now running again, we were unable to disentangle the www.my-doodads.com domain from our site. So we worked out an alternative which we think will fix the problem when using Safari to load our website.

As to the videos we will be posting over the Christmas holidays. This year we actually started to plan our videos in July. However, we never imagined that we would continue to see a global shortage of computer chips, which would mean that a year after the release of both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, it is still very difficult to purchase a new games console. So for those fortunate enough to already own a PS5, or will be getting one for Christmas. This month we will be posting a mini series on how to access Safe Mode on a PlayStation 5.

While we hope you don’t ever need to use these troubleshooting settings. We have given each option in Safe Mode its own video, to try and explain what they do and how to use them. Then because it’s Christmas, we also decided to post these videos on both the Website and on YouTube. So look out for them being release every Friday throughout the whole of December.

Then as a small bonus for YouTube viewers, we will also be releasing a series of videos that look at how you can make a different web browser the default browser for your Apple iPad. That way if you still find yourself having issues with loading certain websites, you have an alternative to Safari.

So Happy Christmas, stay safe and be excellent to each other.

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