Google Chromebook Troubleshooting – How to run a WIFi network diagnostic test

In this video we take a quick look at a Crosh command that we can use to diagnose why a WiFi connection is slow or problematic. The reason we like using this Crosh command, is that it provides additional information not found anywhere else in ChromeOS. So from the report that is generated, we will explain what some of the test results actually mean.

Notes: While similar to the Command Prompt in Windows or the Terminal in macOS. The Crosh (Chromium OS shell) is the command line interface for Chrome OS. However, as the Crosh has been locked down by Google, it is not as powerful as the Shells in other operating systems. This means that the Crosh is mostly used if you need to troubleshoot a Chromebook. 

Quick reference notes:

  • From the ChromeOS desktop, press and hold down the Control and Alt keys, and then press on the keyboard.
  • When a terminal window opens type:
network_diag --wifi 
  • When we press Enter on our keyboard, we will be presented with basic information about a Chromebooks network connection.  
  • To close the Crosh simply type 

Notes: Please note that the version of the operating system seen in this video is Chrome OS 74. The way that Chrome OS is displayed in this video may have change due to future updates.

Reference materials:

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