Disable peer-to-peer updates in Windows 10


Microsoft introduced a peer-to-peer feature for Windows 10 and Windows Store updates. So by default Windows will now automatically use your computers Internet connection to upload updates to other computers. This could be either computers connected to your local network or computers on the internet.

So depending on your situation, for example if you have a broadband connection with a data cap ( i.e. limiting how much you can download and upload from the internet ), you may not want to have this feature enabled. However if you have multiple Windows 10 computers, connected to your home network. You might want to enable the option; “PC’s on my local network” in order to save both time and internet bandwidth.

Resolution:To disable peer-to-peer updates do the following:

  • Open Settings > Update & Security
  • Select Advanced options from the bottom of the ‘Windows Update’ pane
  • At the bottom of Advanced option select “Delivery Optimisation
  • Within “Delivery Optimisation” make sure the toggle is set to Off
  • You should find that the options “PC’s on my local network” and “PC’s on my Local network, and PC’s on the internet” will both be greyed out.

Thank you for your support