Disable peer-to-peer updates (Delivery Optimisation) in Windows 11

Delivery Optimisation is a feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 and continued in Windows 11. The main aim of Delivery Optimisation, is to allow computers to share updates and apps with other computers on the internet or a local network. The idea being to use a peer-to-peer feature to help speed up the distribution of updates and reduce bandwidth usage for downloading updates multiple times from Microsoft servers. However, if you have limited bandwidth or prefer not to share updates with other computers, you should disable Delivery Optimisation.

Quick reference notes:

  1. From the Windows Desktop, click on the Start button and select Settings.
  2. In the Settings window, choose Windows Update.
  3. Click on Advanced Options.
  4. In the main panel, locate the option for Delivery Optimization.
  5. Toggle the switch for Allow downloads from other PCs to the Off position.
  6. Close the Settings window.

Note: Disabling Delivery Optimisation will not stop automatic Windows update downloads. It only turns off the peer-to-peer sharing feature. So disabling this function may have limited benefits, as updates will still be downloaded directly from Microsoft servers. You might instead turn off this feature, if you only have a single Windows computer connected to your home network, you are looking to reduce the load on a computers CPU, or you are trying to reduce data congestion on a low bandwidth network.

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