December 2020

As we spent so much time last year redesigning our website. We ran out of time when it came to decorating the mydoodads site for the holiday season. However this year, because we found a little Christmas plugin, we hope you enjoy the Christmas decorations we have added.

So for December 2020, our plan is to continue to post 2 videos a week just like we did for the month of November. This means you can expect to see videos appear on both YouTube and our website every Tuesday and Friday for the duration of the holidays.

On Tuesdays we will continue to post videos from our series relating to using an iPad with a fully configured Synology NAS. However, on Fridays we will be posting a video from one of our other series. So expect to see videos on how to setup and configure a Google Nest WiFi network, how to perform factory resets on various pieces of hardware and hopefully a new Synology NAS tip video.

So please stay safe, have a Merry Christmas and may 2021 be a happy and prosperous year for you.

Thank you for your support